Resource Scheduler

Manage the usage of the facility’s resources; meeting rooms, rooms with special attributes like sport arena with attached dressing rooms, outdoor fields, swimming pool, etc.

The Resource Scheduler provides a powerful scheduling tool that reduces the administrative time of managing the resources and keep the published schedule up-to-date.

The scheduler makes sure there are no conflicts using a resource.
Sport facility can manage games/rental of courts while paring them with change rooms so the teams know where they play and which change room/s assigned to them.

You can create usage rules, for example pair dressing room “A” with dressing room “C” that will automatically be assigned to the second team.

You can subdivide resources, for example the swimming pool is divided from time to time to lanes so some are used for swimming lessons and some are open for general swimming you can show the individual lane usage.

Manage work flow dependencies in the facility, for example attach an automatic cleanup time after specific meeting type that will be shown to the administration staff alerting them about their expected activities timing.

Using our advanced internal and external APIs, the information can be shown on the Signs in the facility and/or sent to a web site so your patrons can know ahead of time where to go, or we can get information automatically from your existing scheduling system and PMS.

Configurable rules set how long before the event to start showing it on signs and how long after the end to keep it on.