The kiosk provides the customer an opportunity to interact with a device that provides information or perform a task efficiently while reducing cost to the venue as less man power or time is needed.

One of the advantages of our Way-finding kiosk is that you can manage the content and configuration yourself.

Examples of Kiosks:

Personal sales aid – Shows the customer video clip with information about the product of procedure he’s interested in.

Interactive way-finding – the visitor can look for the store based on name or category and see a graphical representation of where to go (can also show verbal instructions).

In locations that host events like hotels and convention centers the kiosks can be linked to the events schedule, allowing the guests to look for their event’s location.

Kiosks can be managed remotely and can have customized reports such as which category or product search count.

The kiosk can also act as a Sign when no customer interaction is taking place.